Ello Targets the Arts

When Ello first came out in 2014, people assumed that this was going to be the “Facebook Killer”. This site opened to the public on an invite only basis and soon people grew disinterested in the site. However, Ello is the perfect place for artists. “It’s grown to serve a different purpose: a place for digital artists and designers to share their work and give feedback to peers, without the commercialized aspects that discourage them from other social networks.” Artist love the easy to use, simple platform and have taken over the platform. This is the best way to see what is happening in the art world.

elloEllo is the perfect combination of Pinterest and Facebook. It allows some customization, but primarily gives users a sleek design that other social media platforms do not. This site allows artists to collaborate together in the hopes of creating something new. Artist can take the comments they receive to create content that customers want. This platform has changed the game for artists. This lets them promote their art and the possibility to sell to people that might not have access to. This one site gives people the reach to find a lot more artist around the world instead of just locally.

Perhaps more people need to give Ello a try. They might realize that the site is useful and they could learn more about the art community. But the big thing is that Ello does not want to compete with the big social media companies. It wants to provide a niche service that has to potential to grow. “By offering a social, stripped-down art portfolio, maybe Ello has found its niche. It doesn’t offer the reach of Facebook or Instagram, or the reblogging capabilities of Tumblr, or the customization of Behance or Cargo Collective, or the marketplace of Etsy or Threadless. But it doesn’t intend to. What it offers instead—a clean aesthetic for posting and giving feedback among a community of artists—might just be enough.”

How Ello is helping the art community


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