Hello Ello, Goodbye Pinterest

When you think of picture blogging, the first blogging platform that comes to most people’s mind is Tumblr. Right now it is the most popular website building platform, and most organizations include Tumblr in their social media plans.  They like it because of how user friendly is and the different ways you can tailor the platform to fit the needs of your company or organization. However, it may not be the site for everyone. Different blogging platforms and multi-content sites such as Pinterest, WordPress and Ello all have features and strengths that target different groups of consumers.

cropped-ellos.jpgFor example, Pinterest allows users the ability to have several boards to organize interests and to fit consumer’s needs by grouping everything together in a clear manor. People also love the experience of pinning items to different boards and this has created a large following. With increased traffic to Pinterest boards anything can be researched quickly.

Even though Pinterest has many great features for blogging, some people can find Pinterest’s different set up cluttered and do not feel like it is a professional platform. That’s where simple sites like Ello are useful.

facebook_share_imageEllo makes it easy for bloggers to be able to advertise and promote their brand to the public. This medium is a clearer, more professional site for businesses.   Each site gets a custom profile and the content is less about DIY and recipes. Instead, it is about bringing traffic to your business.  The site is also constantly evolving to make it easier to integrate SEO to make it’s blogging platform useful to content marketers. There is also room for customization and featuring other work that you like. Since it is also a growing site it is useful if you want to engage with other bloggers through useful comment sections and using this as a way to drive traffic to your own blog.

In short, Pinterest may have creative features but for someone who just wants a less cluttered site that focuses on businesses, like Ello, to make the blogging experience easier and more proficient.

How to use Ello efficiently


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