Ello Poppet: How Ello Takes on Competers Like Facebook and Tumblr

facebook-searchIf you’re tired of seeing lots of baby and animal ads on your feed, Ello is your next move. Ello is very similar to Facebook, but does not include the ads that are found all over other popular social media sites. Instead, Ello “was built on the principle that users are not products that can be bought and sold.” The goal is for people to have a simple experience and not being forced to views ads.

Instead, users are able to follow interests and content will be generated based on the users likes. This interface is very easy to use and has a modern feel that a lot of people like at the moment. This site makes picture blogs instantly look good and still gives users the ability to customize their pages.

However, while there is a lot of potential for Ello, a major weakness is that there are not many users. People see Ello as another social media site that they do not have time for. But if people gave it a try and see its true potential, people would be more inclined to use the site more frequently. As it launched, people expected too much of the site and quickly became disinterested with it. However, the creators of Ello have worked hard to provide a fun, interactive site for content sharing.

4xcxabbh_400x400Tumblr is another option for a blog. However, most Tumblr accounts features lots of shared content from pictures, videos, and text. For me, I used Tumblr in high school to retweet pictures that related to my teenage problems and post blog posts about my feelings. It was a jumble of random posts of things I was interested at the time. I would not use it in a professional manor and most young people would not use there’s either.

Overall, if you ever want to be taken seriously as a blogger or a writer Tumblr and Facebook is not the place to do that. It’s time to ditch your Tumblr and Facebook accounts and make your way to grown up blogging.

Facebook vs. Ello



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