Guest Nene talks Ello

Instead of competing with other social media companies, Ello intends to remain a web-site solely targeting the art community. Ello is more of a professional site for businesses and artists compared to competing blog sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, which are more clutter-like.

Each business gets a custom profile on Ello whose content helps bring traffic to businesses. Customers are exposed to different businesses and art from across the world and can collaborate with artists to create new things.

ello-dribbbleA 3D artist on Ello was able to contact UK artist Lorrie Whittington in hopes to work together and turn Whittington’s illustration into a 3D structure, leading to increased exposure and sales between the two. Content is generated based on a user’s likes. The user-friendly interface shows bloggers who reblogged or liked any of their content, and for how long. Ello promises its users never to sell data to advertisers or third parties to eliminate excessive exposure to ads shown on other popular social media sites to remain organized and focused on content.

I believe Ello will continue to grow as the global market continues to expand and people are becoming more supportive of small start-up businesses. There’s now more interest in the arts, traveling and collecting rare pieces from underrated artists.

Ello, the startup formerly known as the anti-Facebook, grows up

Nene F. is currently a senior at Georgia State University pursuing a BBA in Marketing. In addition to being a full-time student, she work full-time at a restaurant owned by her parents. After graduation, she wants to move back to her hometown of New York to pursue her lifelong dream of being a fashion model.

Take a look at her blog here: Nene’s Blog



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