Start-up’s made easy with Ello

Start-ups have become a huge part of the tech and marking world because it leads to new technology and ideas being generated in both industries. For content marketing purposes, it is important to create posts about things that relate to your industry in order to increase traffic to your startup’s website and generate leads to your products or services. Ello makes it easy for start-ups to promote their site because start-ups have their own page on the site and the user-friendly interface makes it simple link all social media accounts to the company website.

First of all, Ello tracks all the data that you post. Ello can show you who has reblogged or liked any posts you have. This is very similar to how Tumblr currently does this. However, this is a clearer and more professional way. You can also access all this information in the settings table under “Your Data.” Then the user has everything organized in a neat table.

elloFurthermore, Ello tracks information through Google Analytics and segment as well. “This information shows us in a general way how people are using Ello, where they are coming from, how long they spend on Ello, etc. — which helps us develop new features and improve Ello.” Ello will also email you a summery of your activities and ratings to help see the people you are reaching.

Ello also provides metrics easily to their bloggers so it is easy for Start-ups to see if their content is being viewed or now. Along with the easy to use interface, it is easy to see who is viewing your content.

Ello: Your Data


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