Guest Nene talks Ello

Instead of competing with other social media companies, Ello intends to remain a web-site solely targeting the art community. Ello is more of a professional site for businesses and artists compared to competing blog sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, which are more clutter-like.

Each business gets a custom profile on Ello whose content helps bring traffic to businesses. Customers are exposed to different businesses and art from across the world and can collaborate with artists to create new things. Continue reading “Guest Nene talks Ello”


Start-up’s made easy with Ello

Start-ups have become a huge part of the tech and marking world because it leads to new technology and ideas being generated in both industries. For content marketing purposes, it is important to create posts about things that relate to your industry in order to increase traffic to your startup’s website and generate leads to your products or services. Ello makes it easy for start-ups to promote their site because start-ups have their own page on the site and the user-friendly interface makes it simple link all social media accounts to the company website. Continue reading “Start-up’s made easy with Ello”

Ello Embraces the Hype

Over the past few years Ello is creating lots of hype around the simplicity of content sharing and being able to express your creativity. Because of Ello’s efforts, it fits into the Garnet Hype cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising.

The Garnet Hype Cycle is used for clients to become educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of their industry and if they want to the risk of investing or not in a certain emerging technology. There are five stages of the hype cycle- technology trigger, peak of inflated expectations, trough of disillusionment, slope of enlighten, and plateau of productivity. In my opinion, Ello fits into several of these categories on the hype cycle. Continue reading “Ello Embraces the Hype”

Ello Poppet: How Ello Takes on Competers Like Facebook and Tumblr

facebook-searchIf you’re tired of seeing lots of baby and animal ads on your feed, Ello is your next move. Ello is very similar to Facebook, but does not include the ads that are found all over other popular social media sites. Instead, Ello “was built on the principle that users are not products that can be bought and sold.” The goal is for people to have a simple experience and not being forced to views ads. Continue reading “Ello Poppet: How Ello Takes on Competers Like Facebook and Tumblr”

Ello Targets the Arts

When Ello first came out in 2014, people assumed that this was going to be the “Facebook Killer”. This site opened to the public on an invite only basis and soon people grew disinterested in the site. However, Ello is the perfect place for artists. “It’s grown to serve a different purpose: a place for digital artists and designers to share their work and give feedback to peers, without the commercialized aspects that discourage them from other social networks.” Artist love the easy to use, simple platform and have taken over the platform. This is the best way to see what is happening in the art world. Continue reading “Ello Targets the Arts”

Hello Ello, Goodbye Pinterest

When you think of picture blogging, the first blogging platform that comes to most people’s mind is Tumblr. Right now it is the most popular website building platform, and most organizations include Tumblr in their social media plans.  They like it because of how user friendly is and the different ways you can tailor the platform to fit the needs of your company or organization. However, it may not be the site for everyone. Different blogging platforms and multi-content sites such as Pinterest, WordPress and Ello all have features and strengths that target different groups of consumers. Continue reading “Hello Ello, Goodbye Pinterest”