Guest Nene talks Ello

Instead of competing with other social media companies, Ello intends to remain a web-site solely targeting the art community. Ello is more of a professional site for businesses and artists compared to competing blog sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, which are more clutter-like.

Each business gets a custom profile on Ello whose content helps bring traffic to businesses. Customers are exposed to different businesses and art from across the world and can collaborate with artists to create new things. Continue reading “Guest Nene talks Ello”


Ello Targets the Arts

When Ello first came out in 2014, people assumed that this was going to be the “Facebook Killer”. This site opened to the public on an invite only basis and soon people grew disinterested in the site. However, Ello is the perfect place for artists. “It’s grown to serve a different purpose: a place for digital artists and designers to share their work and give feedback to peers, without the commercialized aspects that discourage them from other social networks.” Artist love the easy to use, simple platform and have taken over the platform. This is the best way to see what is happening in the art world. Continue reading “Ello Targets the Arts”